Friday 15 November 2019

Teach Real English!

Did you know that as well as the 'Research Digest', we also maintain the 'Teach Real English!' site?

Our site is an archive of spoken English Language Teaching resources that have been developed by Linguists at Queen Mary University of London. Our website includes: 

  • A database of spoken English (containing sound clips and transcripts)
  • Language Investigations for exploring the English language in every day situations
  • A range of Teaching Units designed to offer secondary school teachers of English language up-to-date examples of English language use
  • Glossaries and descriptions of spoken English features
The materials have been designed for teachers of GCSE and GCE A-Level English Language, but they may be useful for anyone involved in teaching spoken English language.

If you have already used our resource, we'd love to hear your feedback! We are regularly asked to report on usage of the materials we create, so would greatly appreciate you filling in our survey. 

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